Skills and Mastery at Norfolk Academy: Attainment with Cooperative Learning

Oct 2014 Werdelin Education has been working closely with the acting head of Stalham Academy, Andrew Howard, to facilitate the newly converted Academy's vision of high attainment through engaging, high impact student-centred learning.   Andrew Howard, acting head at Stalham Academy, 2014. Watch this space! Cooperative Learning is often incorrectly perceived as "talking exercises" unsuitable for teaching specific procedures... Continue Reading →

November’s Newsletter – The Teacher is a Ghost

November's Edition of the now quarterly newsletter eCL may be downloaded as a pdf. Entitled The Teacher is a Ghost, it contains a practical step-by-step 60 minute lesson plan based on the classic CELTA Functional Language Lesson. It formalizes the previous discussion on Cooperative Learning and the silent approach, and demonstrates the power of CL in... Continue Reading →

Facts vs. Free Thinking? A CL perspective

I stumbled across an article in The Telegraph about the heated debate on rote learning in the new curriculum, which brought some thoughts to mind. I, for one, am actually old enough to remember my Grandfather (b. 1911) entertaining us children with endless rhyming lists of everything from the world's capitals to German grammar. But... Continue Reading →

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