“21st century British Muslim…” revisiting IEC2014s “Opening Minds, Closing Achievement Gaps”

Reblogged due to its connection to the course 21st Century British Muslim… launched at February’s Regional Annual INSET Day of the Association of Muslim Schools in February, this outline of the Islamic Education Conference 2014 seminar may be of interest to potential attendees:


– Empowering Identity and Community Building through Cooperative Learning

I am very honored to be invited to present a seminar entitled “Opening Minds, Closing Achievement Gaps – Empowering Identity and Community Building through Cooperative Learning” at the Islamic Education Conference at Queen Elizabeth II in London on June 2. The conference looks to be the largest gathering of educationists from the Muslim faith sector in the UK during 2014.

The IEC2014 is organized by the Association of Muslim Schools (UK), who “recognizes that the means for effectively meeting the needs of all students is through effective partnerships and collaboration and, by building bridges of understanding between the Muslim faith school sector and mainstream education”.

As members of the biggest and most conspicuous religious/ethnic group in this country, we all recognise that Muslim educators need to pick up the gauntlet and take part in addressing cohesion issues of multicultural society.

As I have pointed out in several…

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Islamic Education Conference#2; Quotes from the seminar

"We need a paradigm shift," as Ashfaque Chowdhury, Chairman of the Association of Muslim Schools, said in his  introduction and indeed what we have outlined in the previous post is a very tall order. In the following posts I want to look at the aims of Islamic education in the UK as outlined by speakers and delegates and  share some related paragraphs from... Continue Reading →

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