21st Century British Muslim – solved?

I want to thank attendees at yesterdays presentation of 21st Century British Muslim – the solution? and the staff at Date Valley School, London, for providing a venue for the first run of this event for the Association of Muslim Schools. This course is designed for faith schools looking to meet latest requirements related to SMSC, safeguarding and British… Continue Reading →

Potential realised? Celebrating Ofsted Report’s 1st Birthday…

October’s Norwich presentation of Islam in RE took place almost exactly a year after the publication of Realising the Potential As I pointed out from the onset of the course, Islam in RE: Religious Literacy & Controversy Through Enquiry was created to systematically tackle the problems outlined in Ofsted’s Realising the Potential report. In that sense, Islam is used as an example religion;… Continue Reading →

Bad Arguments; Arming our children’s minds

I have long wanted to introduce the online resource Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments.  We have already discussed in numerous posts the the importance of logic and critical thinking, and how these tie to rhetoric. An email from a Birmingham RE teacher seeking advice finally got me to do something about it. I originally came across… Continue Reading →

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