The Order of Things #3

Workshop debriefing: The materials arranged in order of presentation and how they tie in with the objectives of the session: STAGE 1: UK Education - past/present/(future?) Objective: enquire into issues of the current system to arrive at systemic issues. Materials: Ibrahim Lawson Keynote #1 on the birth of Modernity and the chaotic fall of the grand... Continue Reading →

Another brief interlude: What teachers should actually be doing in the student-centred classroom

"Unobtrusive monitoring" - indeed! As pointed out in the workshop, the continuous discussions which form the backbone of Cooperative Learning present a unique opportunity to follow thought processes as they unfurl. In a well-oiled classroom, in theory, all the teacher needs to do is to set them off and sit back and listen in. One,... Continue Reading →

A brief interlude; keynotes uploaded

Workshop debriefing: To provide context, please feel free to peruse the four keynotes which formed the backbone of the workshop narrative. Link to online doc. Note that in a school setting, these four text might have been culled from whatever material suited the lesson plan, i.e. in English a short story with stages of character development, in... Continue Reading →

The Order of Things

Deconstructing the workshop; Some reflections on staging Given that the workshop's aims included fusing the question of the purpose of education in today's society with the historic Islamic educational ethos using the social constructivism inherent in Cooperative Learning, I found it appropriately presumptious to name this this post after Focault's 1966 seminal work on underlying epistemological assumptions. As I pointed out towards the... Continue Reading →

Fractures healed!

Workshop debriefing: Thank you for attending A big thank you from myself and the Muslims of Norwich Community to participants at our Islam Awareness Week educators' workshop Healing Fractures; for your incredible engagement during the sesssions, your positive feedback and especially to those of you who did interviews and partook in lunch and networking at the adjacent mosque after the event. If the... Continue Reading →

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