Islam In RE – Now in Birmingham

My improved version of Islam In RE - Religious Literacy & Controversy through Enquiry is now available to West Midlands Schools on 23rd February in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. The course is presented to all educators interested in Islam and how to deal with ISIS, terrorism, homophobia and similar difficult issues when teaching Islam in RE in relation... Continue Reading →

Being British | Being Muslim

Real safeguarding: A new tailored Cooperative Learning course directly to secondary pupils for one of the UK's leading Cultural Competency Trainers AKSAA are market leaders in Islamic Awareness and Cultural Competency Training. Since 2004 more than 17,500 delegates have undergone unique and insightful courses delivered in over 80 different Local Authority locations across the UK.... Continue Reading →

MTA presents Cooperative Learning at Berrymede, London

On January 23, I have the honour of presenting Cooperative Learning at one of this month's MTA Weekend workshops at Berrymede Junior School. I want to again promote the Muslim  Teacher's Association for making very expensive speakers and CPD events available to both Muslim and non-Muslim educationists at a fraction of market price. Last year... Continue Reading →

For the benefit of London delegates; links…

On 4 January the fully developed 21st century British Muslim programme was presented to the two first adopters of 2016, as well as external delegates from the AMS South Hub INSET, forty seats in all. 21st century British Muslim is an 11-hour course developed over 18 months to meet the highly specialised needs of Muslim faith schools in... Continue Reading →

Welcome back – looking forward…

Another academic year has begun. A lot has happened since I staged my first Cooperative Learning event in March 2014, the Healing Fractures educator’s workshop investigating traditional teaching practises. Since then, I have created specialised courses on Islam in Religious Education, presented tailored lessons to primary and secondary students directly, coached in MFL at the... Continue Reading →

Enquiry & Immersion: Why enquire? A message from the course leader

Raising the standard above the bog-of-superstition: Why faith communities should be delivering high class, high impact learning experiences to schools. As we have discussed in multiple posts, RE presents a unique opportunity for students to work realistically and experientially with toxic issues and questions of opinion, meaning, argumentation, and multiple truth(s) needed in the ever... Continue Reading →

“Healing Fractures II”#3: philosophizing from subject knowledge

A number of attendees at "Healing Fractures II - Beyond Birmingham?" have requested links to some of the materials used in the investigative unit. This unit allowed a collaborative yet personal approach to the wide scope of Trojan Horse fall-out. Following the mental and emotional lead-in using open questions and imagery discussed in the previous Healing Fractures II... Continue Reading →

Hunt or be hunted; The (UKIP) Boy in the Bush

A Labour shadow minister was left gobsmacked after a primary school pupil told him he supported Ukip – because he wanted to get ‘all the foreigners out the country’ (Mail Online) From Huffington Post: Labour's shadow education secretary was speaking to children at a primary school in Derbyshire yesterday. "Do you know who you'd vote... Continue Reading →

Enquiry & Immersion; Thank you too!

We have successfully concluded the pilot of the "Enquiry & Immersion" field trips for primary and are very grateful to have received this pupil feedback. . On Wednesday and Thursday of Islam Awareness Week 100+ Year 6 pupils from our local Avenue Junior School visited Ihsan Mosque in Norwich to participate in the new school visits programme.... Continue Reading →

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