“Healing Fractures II”#3: philosophizing from subject knowledge

A number of attendees at "Healing Fractures II - Beyond Birmingham?" have requested links to some of the materials used in the investigative unit. This unit allowed a collaborative yet personal approach to the wide scope of Trojan Horse fall-out. Following the mental and emotional lead-in using open questions and imagery discussed in the previous Healing Fractures II... Continue Reading →

21st Century British Muslim – solved?

I want to thank attendees at yesterdays presentation of 21st Century British Muslim - the solution? and the staff at Date Valley School, London, for providing a venue for the first run of this event for the Association of Muslim Schools. This course is designed for faith schools looking to meet latest requirements related to SMSC, safeguarding and British... Continue Reading →

Charlie’s Angels or Sympathy for the Devils? A full RE lesson plan on the Paris attacks

The following is a scalable, instantly applicable RE lesson plan related to the Paris murders, replete with differentiated sample materials for secondary. It uses Cooperative Learning to foster tightly controlled discussions of controversial materials in a safe environment and includes strategies for assessment, evidence of learning and SMSC integration in compliance with DfE requirements. Elements of the lesson may... Continue Reading →

Islam in RE; follow-up

This post is specifically of interest to participants of the two pilots of "Islam in RE; Religious literacy and Controversy through Enquiry" in the University of East Anglia and the Institute of Education. Please find a list of the CLIPs available for download here (a password has been provided to you by mail). In the... Continue Reading →

Norwich High School for Girls; A tailored workshop lesson plan#3

(continued from a previous post, this is a detailing of a 60-minute  workshop presented at Norwich High School for Girls June 9, 2014). Stage 2: Read materials, take notes, prepare oral summary  Time: 5 minutes, individual reading of materials.   Level: Theme-based 3-4 member teams.   After using ladders to slice up "best friends" in order to sit... Continue Reading →

Norwich High School for Girls; A tailored workshop lesson plan#2

(continued from previous post this is a detailing of a 60-minute  workshop presented at Norwich High School for Girls June 9, 2014). Stage 1: Activating schemata, testing assumptions Time: 10  minutes Level: multiple pairs CLIP: Ladders   After making students aware that this workshop would simulates some of the interdependence, individual accountability and the pressure they would be... Continue Reading →

Norwich High School for Girls; A tailored workshop lesson plan

Yesterday, June 9, we successfully presented Norwich High School for Girls with a series of four tailored 60 minute workshops. The aim was to allow students to collaboratively construct a mental framework to help get the most out of the following two-week Connected Curriculum theme "Life in the Global Village" culminating in a staged UN session to resolve the... Continue Reading →

The Order of Things #3

Workshop debriefing: The materials arranged in order of presentation and how they tie in with the objectives of the session: STAGE 1: UK Education - past/present/(future?) Objective: enquire into issues of the current system to arrive at systemic issues. Materials: Ibrahim Lawson Keynote #1 on the birth of Modernity and the chaotic fall of the grand... Continue Reading →

The Order of Things #3

Breaking thinking patterns However, to guide students out of the dialectic of old-school caning vs. radical Summerhill I followed a class vote on which positive skills (including being well-read, inspiring, having oratory skills, critical thinking and caring about one's community) with the infamous immigrant rant from American History X to contextualize and block knee-jerk reactions to the question "should we be critical of SCL and alloting... Continue Reading →

Supposedly I am now taking a week of with the family, but beneath the still waters this sun-heated brain is processing the CELTA course at NILE in Norwich. So to elaborate a bit on the previous post on the Lesson Plan Outlines (LPO) and why they are so key: One of the strengths of these LPOs is... Continue Reading →

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