21st Century British Muslim – solved?

I want to thank attendees at yesterdays presentation of 21st Century British Muslim - the solution? and the staff at Date Valley School, London, for providing a venue for the first run of this event for the Association of Muslim Schools. This course is designed for faith schools looking to meet latest requirements related to SMSC, safeguarding and British... Continue Reading →

21st century British Muslim in London; a message from the course leader

. I have been asked by Association of Muslim Schools management to provide some more detail on the event Cooperative Learning: "21st century British Muslim - the Solution?" to take place on 3rd February in London. The recent events in Paris have only underlined the importance of this course, and the course unit Negotiating conflicting values & viewpoints has been fully committed to... Continue Reading →

Islam Awareness Week 2015 programme in Norwich

Islam Awareness Week 2015 is from March 17 to 23.  Ihsan Mosque marks the occasion with four events of special interest to educators: . Programme [  download as pdf  ] . Monday 16 March: "Healing Fractures II" Educators' Workshop is a full-day event, led by Ibrahim Lawson, which aims at inspiring and enlightening relevant professionals in the education sector... Continue Reading →

Enquiry & Immersion in East Anglia; new mosque field trips in 2015

I am very pleased to have been formally commissioned by the Ihsan Mosque of Norwich to handle all school visits from December 1, 2014.  NEW: Full primary programme now available. It is a great honour to serve the Ihsan Mosque and the wider school community of East Anglia by providing not only an outstanding experience to students, but... Continue Reading →

Enquiry and Immersion: Full-Day Field Trip to Ihsan Mosque, November 13

- a unique cross cultural meeting for all secondary RE students in Norfolk  I have been advocating Cooperative Learning as a tool to facilitate collaboration between schools and faith communities for some time, and have now partnered with Ihsan Mosque in Norwich to stage a unique cross cultural meeting for all secondary RE students in Norfolk, the first to... Continue Reading →

Institute of Education, London: “Islam in RE: Religious Literacy and Controversy through Enquiry”

Missed the Norwich Pilot? Our new course is now available at the Institute of Education, London: full day, 22 July, 2014, Institute of Education, London. Book now on courses@werdelin.co.uk. ss hints... “Islam in RE: Religious Litteracy and Controversy through Enquiry” is a teaching program for all educators and researchers interested in Islam and in the future role of Religious... Continue Reading →

Islamic Education Conference#2; Quotes from the seminar

"We need a paradigm shift," as Ashfaque Chowdhury, Chairman of the Association of Muslim Schools, said in his  introduction and indeed what we have outlined in the previous post is a very tall order. In the following posts I want to look at the aims of Islamic education in the UK as outlined by speakers and delegates and  share some related paragraphs from... Continue Reading →

Deradicalisation#2; “Salvation in this life”

Highly important to the theme of the Islamic Education Conference seminar on June 2, this entry builds on the previous post on deradicalisation which summarises some key findings in Mohammed Elshimi's recent presentation at Edinburgh University: Identity, Citizenship, and Security: What is Deradicalisation? Deradicalisation; it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are Mohammed Elshimi, a phd... Continue Reading →

Empowering communities through Student-Centred Learning

According to one American researcher, Palestinians get it; do we? As I was exploring materials for the IEC2014 seminar on empowering identity and community building through Cooperative Learning, I came across an article by Dr. Louis Cristillo on Palestinian education. Strangely, this tale from a faraway land somehow encapsulates our red thread of the relationship between business, student-centred learning and 21c skills on the one hand and empowerment and community building... Continue Reading →

Christian-centred, atheism-centred… or just Student-Centred? Making RE relevant #2

Matthew Vince (University of Exeter): Expressing Islam within a Christian centric education system : Lessons from a young British Muslim RE teacher (PART 2)* This is an independent article continuing from Part 1 on RE in a multicultural ethos while picking up the previous thread on the UEA Religious Education conference regarding inquiry-based learning as best practice in RE... Continue Reading →

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