Hunt or be hunted; The (UKIP) Boy in the Bush

A Labour shadow minister was left gobsmacked after a primary school pupil told him he supported Ukip – because he wanted to get ‘all the foreigners out the country’ (Mail Online) From Huffington Post: Labour's shadow education secretary was speaking to children at a primary school in Derbyshire yesterday. "Do you know who you'd vote... Continue Reading →

“Islam in RE: Religious Literacy and Controversy through Enquiry”

"Controversy through Enquiry", indeed!  "Islam in RE: Religious Litteracy and Controversy through Enquiry"  at Lawrence Stenhouse Building, Room 0.111, University of East Anglia, June 26, 2014. Next course in  London, the Institute of Education, 22 July, 2014. Read more.

It Was the Worst of Times; It was the Best of Times: Are Our Schools and Kids Awful?

The similarity to my own childhood experiences are in fact, well, surreal… Sociopathic skills

Trivium 21c

In yesterday’s Daily Mail they ran the following headline:

The worst behaved pupils in the world? You’d better believe it: As a study says schools are even more anarchic than we thought, the shocking testimony of a once idealistic young teacher.” What followed was an article reflecting on a survey about how our pupils are rated amongst the worst behaved in the developed world. The article was written by Robert Peal, a person who I have a lot of time for and I think has a valuable contribution to make to our current debates. In the article he seems to put the blame on this classroom anarchy on the Sixties and the rise of “progressive education.” Robert quotes an earlier Daily Mail Headline from 1974: “Stop these trendies before they ruin ALL our children,” to which he adds the thought: “But the rot had already set in — and has endured.”

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Lefty child-centred teaching, indeed!

A response to the Telegraph article: Ofsted chief: we don't want 'lefty' child-centred teaching, where Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, says that 60s-style "child-centred' teaching damaged generations of schoolchildren as he unveiled a major overhaul of the inspection system. (Sir Michael's original statements are in green) In the Surreal Secondary School, Michael and Jakob oddly... Continue Reading →

Socio(pathic) Skills #3; Rebel without a clue

Workshop debriefing: The place of this video in the workshop is discussed in the previous post. I do however feel it deserves it's own post, as it does call some basic assumptions about intelligence and skills into question. Before watching this video clip, first ask yourself if you agree school should create students who are well-read, committed... Continue Reading →

Ghosts of the NILE

These past few weeks I have had the stressed pleasure of doing the Cambridge CELTA at the Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE), a school that I do warmly recommend for it's professionalism, beautiful setting and really nice staff - that sense of being in a small old village library really took the edge of the intensity... Continue Reading →

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