Transcript of “The Student- Centred Classroom & The Self-Centred Student…”

PDF of now available for safe download or online viewing. (Contains original material not included in the recording available at Listen to the recording instead). The Student-Centred Classroom & the Self-Centred Student - challenges and opportunities of Cooperative Learning for Muslim learners by Jakob Werdelin Paper presented at the British Research Association of Islamic... Continue Reading →

Christian-centred, atheism-centred… or just Student-Centred? Making RE relevant at all

Matthew Vince (University of Exeter): Expressing Islam within a Christian centric education system : Lessons from a young British Muslim RE teacher (PART 1) (Notes from BRAIS conference, University of Edinburgh 10-11 April 2014, Panel 3: Islam in UK Institutions/Organisations and Everyday Muslim Religious Lives) Executive summary* According to Matthew Vince, who is doing his PGCE... Continue Reading →

BRAIS breakdown: Index of upcoming posts

Thanks for the huge number of hits on the preceding article. The following is a list of some of the other sessions I attended at the BRAIS conference and hope to be able to present here. Not all will get their own post, but all contain pertinent points which are worth exploring. Comments or wishes... Continue Reading →

P4C? No, P4U!

Notes from BRAIS conference, University of Edinburgh 10-11 April 2014 Panel 5: Education: Theory and Method: Ibrahim Lawson (Institute of Eduction, London): Questioning builds a way: Heidegger, Islam and education In my own presentation on the Student-Centred Classroom and the Self-Centred Student  (read/listen), I point out the connection between the two preceding talks and my theme of schools... Continue Reading →

The Student-Centred Classroom & the Self-Centred Student

Audio recording of the BRAIS talk at Edinburgh University now available. This presentation at the British Research Association for Islamic Studies presents some of the challenges and opportunities posed by Student-Centred Learning related to epistemology and identity for Muslim minority schools in the UK as well as any teacher interested in RE and P4C.    ... Continue Reading →

Holyrood or bust!

With 15 minutes to pack in ethnic minority educational solutions to all society's ills, it felt like an audition. An intense two days in Edinburgh for the BRAIS conference saw a heady mix of ethnographers, anthropologists, RE teachers, social scientists, philosophers and every phD under the sun presenting a wide range of research within the... Continue Reading →

Pair-Sharing; Ping-Pong with Derek the Nazi

Workshop debriefing: After looking into the overarching lesson aims of the inquiry exercise, here's the nitty-gritty of the ubiquitous pair work. Pairing students often comprise one of the stages of more complex group interaction, but also work brilliantly as a simple stand-alone prelude/follow-up to virtually any activity, as exemplified in the previous post featuring Sir Micheal Wilshaw. This post also serves... Continue Reading →

The Order of Things

Deconstructing the workshop; Some reflections on staging Given that the workshop's aims included fusing the question of the purpose of education in today's society with the historic Islamic educational ethos using the social constructivism inherent in Cooperative Learning, I found it appropriately presumptuous to name this this post after Foucault's 1966 seminal work on underlying epistemological... Continue Reading →

Fractures healed!

Workshop debriefing: Thank you for attending A big thank you from myself and the Muslims of Norwich Community to participants at our Islam Awareness Week educators' workshop Healing Fractures; for your incredible engagement during the sesssions, your positive feedback and especially to those of you who did interviews and partook in lunch and networking at the adjacent mosque after the event. If the... Continue Reading →

On the subject of social skills

Should teachers have to toilet train pupils, or is it the parents' job? There is an ongoing heated debate on whether it is the role of schools to teach students basic human skills; a bit of an academic question for teachers stuck in in the day-to-day mayhem of a secondary comprehensive school where kids are still... Continue Reading →

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