Creating a High-Performance culture: Powerful systems or empowered people?

One of my new partners, Dragonfly Training, has the same idea as me. Call it the belief that there is some form of logical progression between being a child and being an adult and that the world of schooling and world of work have something to offer each other. Turns out they do. This theme... Continue Reading →

Picking off the 7 Deadly Difficulties in Teaching: #3 “No time for practice”

Engineering enough fine-grained practice before moving on. Third in the series. Cooperative Learning does not magically generate more minutes in your lesson. It does, however, increase what you get out of the minutes that you do have: Henderson Green Primary Academy, "the worst school in Norwich" two years after their first Cooperative Learning inset. There... Continue Reading →

Picking off the 7 Deadly Difficulties in Teaching: #2 “Some get it; some don’t.”

Second in the series of 2 minute reads on how Cooperative Learning takes out each of the 7 deadly difficulties in teaching summarised by Tom Sherrington. Here comes the ogre of "Diverging attainment." Deadly Difficulty #2: Some get it; some don’t. Diverging attainment. In a sense, divergent attainment can be more difficult than when the... Continue Reading →

Picking off the 7 Deadly Difficulties in Teaching: #1 “They still don’t get it”

This series of 2 minute reads shares how I've seen teachers use Cooperative Learning to take out each of the 7 deadly difficulties in teaching so neatly summarised by Tom Sherrington. For the first difficulty ("They still don't get it") we will use the absolute simplest of Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns which is the bread-and-butter... Continue Reading →

GCSEs *and* Confidence; (Re-)considering our yardstick of success

Working on the HeppSy+ programme has made me ponder connections between a happy life and the ‘confidence and resilience’ strand also found in the new Character Education framework. [6 minute read] The importance of building confidence and resilience in young adults cannot be overestimated. In a recent mental health survey, the largest ever conducted on... Continue Reading →

Widening Participation; How Cooperative Learning can put Possible Selves into practice

We are an enterprise educator and a Cooperative Learning specialist developing a set of ‘confidence and resilience’ building activities for a Higher Education Progression Partnership. This post shares our experiences with putting the concept of "Possible Selves" to work for the Widening Participation agenda.  [5 minute read] Since embarking on our work for HeppSY+, Catherine... Continue Reading →

HeppSY+ …Cooperative Learning adds value to HE access programme

I am partnering with a leading specialist in Enterprise Education to help challenged young people in South Yorkshire progress in HE. The latest success story of Henderson Green Primary Academy (formerly known as “The worst school in Norwich”) achieving 90% combined after only 2 years of sustained application of Cooperative Learning is a reminder that... Continue Reading →

Participatory Budgeting in Schools #10: Q&A with Sean Harford Pt.1

A big thank you to the National Director for taking the time to see me yesterday at Ofsted's Birmingham HQ, where he helped formulate the two key challenges to a Participatory Budgeting programme in schools. This is the answer to his first question on the puzzle of mapping PB to the curriculum. [4 minutes to read]... Continue Reading →

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