C…what? 5Ws of Cooperative Learning

WHAT is Cooperative Learning?

A pre-structured group effort whose success depends on each specific member carrying out specific tasks at specific times. (These efforts have many names. To avoid confusion of nomenclature, they are called CLIPs here, for Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns).

WHERE should Cooperative Learning be used?

Everywhere you find a group of people, including classrooms, study groups, even teacher-parent knees-ups….

WHEN should Cooperative Learning be used?

Whenever something can be taught, learned, produced, processed or shared.

WHO can use Cooperative Learning?

A group of two or more who master any form of communication skills, even if it’s sign language.

WHY use Cooperative Learning?

Because CL actually makes enjoyable going through twice the amount of material in half the time.

MORE at werdelin.co.uk

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