Stalham Academy Head on: Cooperative Learning & the Sutton Trust on Pupil Premium #2

More from Mr Andrew Howard, acting head of Stalham Academy, on his decision to engage with Cooperative Learning to meet the target of the Rightforsuccess Trust of “Improving the Ofsted rating of underperforming schools to at least good in the short term and outstanding thereafter” after the recent conversion of Stalham Junior School to academy status. This is an especially important point, as… Continue Reading →

Stalham Academy Head on: Cooperative Learning & the Sutton Trust on Pupil Premium

The acting headteacher, Mr Andrew Howard, discusses his rationale for introducing the structural approach to Cooperative Learning at Stalham Academy after becoming aware of the research of the Sutton Trust on the effective use of pupil premium published in this year’s EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit.  The EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit compares collaborative learning with a host of other approaches, including… Continue Reading →

Widening Participation; How Cooperative Learning can put Possible Selves into practice

We are an enterprise educator and a Cooperative Learning specialist developing a set of ‘confidence and resilience’ building activities for a Higher Education Progression Partnership. This post shares our experiences with putting the concept of “Possible Selves” to work for the Widening Participation agenda.  [5 minute read] Since embarking on our work for HeppSY+, Catherine… Continue Reading →

Comprehending Texts & Acquiring Language… Reflections#1

This new series of post investigates the workshop Comprehending Texts & Acquiring Language in Science presented 4 Jan 2018 at the ASE annual conference by Naomi Hennah (@MrsHennah) and myself.  This first instalment focuses on how the Word-Round following the reading activity was used summatively to investigate the text and to develop questioning as a transferable skill. Introduction for… Continue Reading →

Great Tea, but what was the Party really about?

The only time anyone looked half interested was when they were talking to each other, rather than listening to me. Which is precisely why Cooperative Learning instantly improves teaching and learning in any school.

For the benefit of delegates who did not feel satiated after our 15 minutes, this brief article details the underlying objectives of, and delegate feedback to, the Cooperative Learning session at the VNET Tea Party 20 March 2017.

Stalham Academy; what went right?

When I started Werdelin Education and mentioned that Stalham Academy was my first (and only) client back in 2014, everyone I spoke to seemed to have some form of horror-story about the school. Stalham Junior has been, I slowly discovered, a catch-phrase for everything wrong with primary schools in Norfolk. Not so anymore. I was contacted… Continue Reading →

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