Islam in RE#3 & Norwich High School for Girls#5

A combined description of last weeks event at University of East Anglia and Norwich High School for Girls Stage 4: Create cross-class teams – continued from previous post. See overview of NHSG lesson plan here. After having each read the materials and given an oral presentations summarizing their knowledge to their teammates, we now want to distribute all this knowledge across the class…. Continue Reading →

Islam in RE#2 & Norwich High School for Girls#4

A combined description of last weeks event at University of East Anglia and Norwich High School for Girls Stage 3: Present oral summary in teams – continued from previous post. Due to the overlap between these two superficially very different events (one aimed at experienced teachers, the other at Year 10 students, one about the Syrian crisis, the other… Continue Reading →

Norwich High School for Girls; A tailored workshop lesson plan#2

(continued from previous post this is a detailing of a 60-minute  workshop presented at Norwich High School for Girls June 9, 2014). Stage 1: Activating schemata, testing assumptions Time: 10  minutes Level: multiple pairs CLIP: Ladders   After making students aware that this workshop would simulates some of the interdependence, individual accountability and the pressure they would be… Continue Reading →

For the benefit of London delegates; links…

On 4 January the fully developed 21st century British Muslim programme was presented to the two first adopters of 2016, as well as external delegates from the AMS South Hub INSET, forty seats in all. 21st century British Muslim is an 11-hour course developed over 18 months to meet the highly specialised needs of Muslim faith schools in… Continue Reading →

Engaging staff effectively with their CPD; A CL gloss

Without her mentioning Cooperative Learning once, Ms Jessica Brosnan, of the Teacher Development Trust, has unwittingly written a better article on why Cooperative Learning should be adopted as a whole school ethos than I could.  Ms Brosnan’s original text is italicised. (…) Many school leaders struggle to create a CPD programme that is relevant and engaging for all… Continue Reading →

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