Stalham Academy; what went right?

When I started Werdelin Education and mentioned that Stalham Academy was my first (and only) client back in 2014, everyone I spoke to seemed to have some form of horror-story about the school. Stalham Junior has been, I slowly discovered, a catch-phrase for everything wrong with primary schools in Norfolk. Not so anymore. I was contacted… Continue Reading →

Great Tea, but what was the Party really about?

The only time anyone looked half interested was when they were talking to each other, rather than listening to me. Which is precisely why Cooperative Learning instantly improves teaching and learning in any school.

For the benefit of delegates who did not feel satiated after our 15 minutes, this brief article details the underlying objectives of, and delegate feedback to, the Cooperative Learning session at the VNET Tea Party 20 March 2017.

The Chemistry of Communication; Oracy Skills in Science (and everywhere else)

Mrs Naomi Hennah (@MrsHennah) of Northampton School for Boys has created a clear and concise “visual summary of the complexity of chemical discourse” to boost oracy skills and language acquisition in chemistry.  (Link at the end of the page). Teachers from other subjects should not be put off, however. This post should hopefully make Mrs Hennah’s considerations relevant not only to… Continue Reading →

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