Islam In RE – Now in Birmingham

My improved version of Islam In RE – Religious Literacy & Controversy through Enquiry is now available to West Midlands Schools on 23rd February in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. The course is presented to all educators interested in Islam and how to deal with ISIS, terrorism, homophobia and similar difficult issues when teaching Islam in RE in relation… Continue Reading →

New CPD event at the IoE: Book now for “Islam in RE”

Following our successful open event at the IoE in July, we are very pleased to announce that the we shall be presenting our full-day course Islam in RE: Religious Literacy and Controversy through Enquiry to PGCE students at the Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at the Institute of Education in London. We have arranged with the department to reserve a limited amount of… Continue Reading →

Islam in RE; follow-up

This post is specifically of interest to participants of the two pilots of “Islam in RE; Religious literacy and Controversy through Enquiry” in the University of East Anglia and the Institute of Education. Please find a list of the CLIPs available for download here (a password has been provided to you by mail). In the… Continue Reading →

“Islam in RE…”; UKIP in RE? Dealing with non-PC views

From “Islam in RE: Religious Literacy and Controversy through Enquiry” Discussing terrorism, jihad and Islamist “supremacy doctrines” in RE, you confidently explain: “… it is just a small fringe minority of extremist…” However, Bobby, one of your more astute students, comes back with: “The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic organization of any kind in the world…. Continue Reading →

Institute of Education, London: “Islam in RE: Religious Literacy and Controversy through Enquiry”

Missed the Norwich Pilot? Our new course is now available at the Institute of Education, London: full day, 22 July, 2014, Institute of Education, London. Book now on ss hints… “Islam in RE: Religious Litteracy and Controversy through Enquiry” is a teaching program for all educators and researchers interested in Islam and in the future role of Religious… Continue Reading →

Islam in RE#3 & Norwich High School for Girls#5

A combined description of last weeks event at University of East Anglia and Norwich High School for Girls Stage 4: Create cross-class teams – continued from previous post. See overview of NHSG lesson plan here. After having each read the materials and given an oral presentations summarizing their knowledge to their teammates, we now want to distribute all this knowledge across the class…. Continue Reading →

Islam in RE#2 & Norwich High School for Girls#4

A combined description of last weeks event at University of East Anglia and Norwich High School for Girls Stage 3: Present oral summary in teams – continued from previous post. Due to the overlap between these two superficially very different events (one aimed at experienced teachers, the other at Year 10 students, one about the Syrian crisis, the other… Continue Reading →

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