Does the grass need to be flattened?

An interlude: I never reblog, but I cannot myself present a more timely and compelling argument for Co-Creative Conversation than @GroundEd has done here. “Maybe what we need to display more of is compassion. We need to change our mindset about right/wrong, black/white and open ourselves up to the grey.” Never has grey seemed so colourful. Thank you.


These bastards stole their power from the victims of the Us v.
Them years, wrecking all things virtuous and true.
The undermining social democratic downhill slide into abysmal
Lost lamb off the precipice into the trickle down runoff pool.

Ignoreland – R.E.M.

As the OGAT scandal rumbles on through the twittersphere, polarising debate from the #ZeroTolerance lovers and haters, it would seem that we are in the midst of yet another round of Us v Them debates.  The unwillingness to debate the actual issues, whether through ideological or other lenses, seems to just make it acceptable to sneer from whatever side of the debate you sit.

However is this indicative of the greater issues in English education right now?  Are we being pre-programmed to sit on a particular side of a debate; “Whoever is not with Me is against Me, and whoever does not gather with Me scatters” as Jesus reportedly…

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