Comprehending Texts & Acquiring Language in Science: Resources

A warm thank you to delegates who managed to claw their way through a text on cryo-electron microscopy in our 30 degree seminar room.

Comprehending Texts & Acquiring Language in Science was presented by Jakob and Naomi at the Association of Science Education Annual Conference on 4 January 2018 in Liverpool.

“A proper workshop!”

– Marc Neesam, Development Manager, Cambridge Assessment International Education.

This first post includes bits and bobs from the session, as promised. Please use the comment field or contact @MrsHennah or @werdelinEdu if you feel anything is missing.


Materials used in the session

All downloads in safe PDF format:

Please refer to science teacher Ben Rogers’ research on reading in Science for more on the topic. Aside from his own blog on literacy Ben has run versions of this lesson multiple times with different ages and may be contacted at @BenRogersEdu.

Thank you, Ben, for stopping by!

Ben's research

Additional resources

I am updating a text that I originally developed with Ben from my generic course materials on the Word-Round, the last CLIP to be used in the session.

This text supplants the very lesson-specific handouts by uncovering why such superficially simple activities match Naomi’s very high ambition for oracy in Science. It includes such practical aspects as tips & tricks how to stage variations of the Word-Round.

Topics also include:

  • A note on accountability and written evidence of learning
  • Generating questions
  • Picking the best question
  • Sharing the best question
  • ICQs (Instruction Checking Questions)
  • Ideas for other uses of the Word-Round in Science

I am planning to present each topic as separate posts over the next weeks. Need to drive home now. Lots to think about.


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