Tea Party & Webinar – what would you like?

Please help us make a free webinar a success by participating in a 60-second online survey.

Following Regional School Commissioner Tim Coulson’s endorsement at the start of the school year, Cooperative Learning has become the buzz of East Anglia. On 23rd of February,  headteacher of Great Hockham Primary, Alex Bowles and I will give a very hands-on presentation of Cooperative Learning at the Norfolk Better To Best Tea Party in Norfolk.

However, for the many, many headteachers unable to attend, we also aim to present a Webinar on how to achieve success with Cooperative Learning with other area specialists. Your input as headteachers would be greatly appreciated.

Please help us!  Click here to answer five tick box questions in less than 60 seconds

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Click the monkey’s head to answer five tick box questions in less than 60 seconds.

And, please consider forwarding this to friends or colleagues who might be interested.

Thank you for your participation!

Hope to see you online or off-line.


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