Two open sessions on Cooperative Learning in Walsall

Charles Coddy Walker Academy and Werdelin Education invite our colleagues to attend two sixty-minute twilights on Better Reading and Better Writing through Cooperative Learning on April 18 and 25 respectively.

We have previously discussed how the DfE-promoted Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit rate collaborative strategies among the absolute top investment of Pupil Premium, giving as much as 5 months progress per year.

These two sessions demonstrate how:

The day after attending, delegates will be able to deploy effective, yet simple, collaborative activities to promote reading and writing – with no change to lesson content or objectives.

These activities work across all subjects, driving attainment, accelerating progress, and closing achievement gaps while integrating social skills, language and higher level thinking.

“I really don’t think I could have achieved such a dramatic improvement using ‘usual’ methods. [One pupil], who’s partner told him he couldn’t read the sentence on Wednesday, earned himself a house point for improvement and I’m sure he left the room several centimetres taller!”

– Judy Brady, teacher, Norwich Primary Academy, 2015

(Watch Vice Principal Ben Rogers and Year 3 teacher Ms Shane Horne discuss their experiences with Cooperative Learning in these short video interviews) .


Both sessions are Ofsted-compliant in relation to differentiation, assessment, written evidence of learning, effective monitoring, and feedback. The writing session integrates vocabulary and SPaG with creative writing.

better reading eventbrite (2)

Both sessions discuss the positive impact of Cooperative Learning on safeguarding and behavior.

Schools which will especially benefit are those similar to Charles Coddy Walker: high Pupil Premium, ethnic diversity, multiple languages and/or a high proportion of ethnic minorities with English as a second language.

If you are interested, book now on EventBrite: 

Better Reading through Cooperative Learning

18 Apr 2016 15:30

Better Writing through Cooperative Learning

25 Apr 2016 15:30

More on Cooperative Learning:

Results        |        Social skills        |        Community




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