Being British | Being Muslim

Real safeguarding: A new tailored Cooperative Learning course directly to secondary pupils for one of the UK’s leading Cultural Competency Trainers

AKSAA are market leaders in Islamic Awareness and Cultural Competency Training. Since 2004 more than 17,500 delegates have undergone unique and insightful courses delivered in over 80 different Local Authority locations across the UK.

I am happy to be developing an entirely new type of courses for secondary state schools with a large proportion of Muslim students, to meet statutory requirements related to community cohesion, fundamental British values and Citizenship for AKSAA .

As part of the Government’s Prevent Strategy, and for the schools to fulfill their Prevent duty, Aksaa has been delivering specialist training for pupils and teachers to help build pupils’ resilience to radicalisation by promoting fundamental British values and enabling them to challenge extremist views.

By using cooperative learning to engage all students in authentic debates about values and choice, this unique course facilitates democratic negotiation of controversial issues in a safe, social environment. Debates are based on relevant subject knowledge and students get the opportunity to ask frank, questions directly to born and Muslim consultants.


This course is available from January 2016. Please see the other site for details.


“Cooperative Learning helps to think on your feet and be more focused. It helps with promoting your opinions more effectively with deeper thinking.”

– Mr K. Tai, Director of AKSAA

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