For the benefit of London delegates; links…

On 4 January the fully developed 21st century British Muslim programme was presented to the two first adopters of 2016, as well as external delegates from the AMS South Hub INSET, forty seats in all.

21st century British Muslim is an 11-hour course developed over 18 months to meet the highly specialised needs of Muslim faith schools in the UK, in relation to results, radicalisation issues and leadership.

It puts Ofsted-compliant, effective student-centred learning at the fingertips of all staff, including unqualified teachers, across all subjects, driving attainment and progress, while integrating behavior and higher level thinking.

The objective is to move Teaching & Learning in attending schools to oustanding in 12 months. The relationship between Cooperative Learning and disadvantaged pupils has been discussed in detail in EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit; a Cooperative Learning gloss.

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Thank You!

Thank you to everyone, especially for you intelligent questions and positive feedback. I was informed by school management yesterday evening that you have already run out the first exercises successfully. Just remember, small steps with easy tasks and clear objectives.



As promised, I have collected some links that I referred to in the presentation (this is by no means an exhaustive list!):


On running and staging Cooperative Learning lessons:

Monitoring and real-time feedback in the Cooperative Learning classroom

Workshop debriefing: As I have states in numerous places, the candid verbalization of opinions during the debate gives teachers a unique insight into the knowledge and thought processes of each individual student as thet work through tasks and materials.


Deconstructing the Progressive-Traditional Dichotomy; a note to Mr Peal

Balancing teacher and student centredness, with practical examples.

Cooperative Learning; a model lesson across all subjects

This lesson reflect Stalham Academy’s best-practice experience, which secures an ideal mix of group and individual work, saves teachers mental planning and provides children with a repeated, recognisable format.


Norwich High School for Girls; A tailored workshop lesson plan

In 2014, I successfully presented Norwich High School for Girls with a series of four tailored 60 minute workshops. The aim was to allow students to collaboratively construct a mental framework to help get the most out of the following two-week Connected Curriculum theme “Life in the Global Village” culminating in a staged UN session to resolve the current crisis in Syria.For the benefit of humanities teachers, we present here the lesson plan to demonstrate how Cooperative Learning techniques were used to meet a wide scope of lesson aims.


Inside out? collaborating introverts

In a recent article in The Atlantic, Michael Godsey claims that the growing emphasis in classrooms on interactive arrangements can be challenging for introverted students who tend to perform better when they are working independently and in more subdued environments.
Social Skills

Socio(pathic) Skills; the dark tangent of Student-Centred Learning?

I admit it; I was in school at a time when the 60s generation free thinking was not a rebellious idea, but a norm – both inside and outside the classroom – and communism was in vogue among intellectuals and …

Safgeguarding; Thinking skills & Identity

Thinking children are the future? – Cooperative Learning & (Higher Level) Thinking

Independent, critical and creative thinking and the ability to solve problems is central to Cooperative Learning, by the very nature of the case. In Denmark and other Scandinavian countries these skills have long had a high priority and are considered fundamental to citizenship in a democratic society.

Bad Arguments in RE; Arming our children’s minds

I have long wanted to introduce the online resource Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments.

Deradicalisation; it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are

Mohammed Elshimi (University of Exeter) : Identity, Citizenship, and Security: What is Deradicalisation? (PART 1, read PART 2)* (Notes from BRAIS conference, University of Edinburgh 10-11 April 2014, Panel 3: Identity and Integration In Muslim-Minority Societies)


Deradicalisation#2; “Salvation in this life”

Highly important to the theme of the Islamic Education Conference seminar on June 2, this entry builds on the previous post on deradicalisation which summarises some key findings in Mohammed Elshimi’s recent presentation…



EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit; a Cooperative Learning gloss

Commenting on the famous Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit, this article posits the structural approach as the most effective form of collaborative learning, bar none.


Engaging staff effectively with their CPD; A CL gloss

Without her mentioning Cooperative Learning once, Ms Jessica Brosnan, of the Teacher Development Trust, has unwittingly written a better article on why Cooperative Learning should be adopted as a whole school ethos than I could.


Community building

Seminar at IEC2014: Opening Minds, Closing Achievement Gaps

– Empowering Identity and Community Building through Cooperative Learning

Empowering communities through Student-Centred Learning

According to one American researcher, Palestinians get it; do we?

History of the course:

21st century British Muslim in London; a message from the course leader

From the first big trial in Date Valley School last year. Sums up the course.


Cooperative Learning and the 21c British Muslim

Seminar follow-up. Thank you to participants – external and internal – at Harrow Primary School; a very engaged crowd of teachers, fresh from the holidays and eager to start a new year.


21c British Muslim: The solution?

The first 3 hour Interactive Seminar, London, August 29, 2014.


Relevant event in London

Finally, I noted my presentation at the MTAs next London event on 23 January 2016 at Berrymede. This is a piece on a previous event by the Muslim Teachers Association.

Please download the flyer here.

Critical thinking & community empowerment: coming soon to a staff room near you?

This event “Muslim Teachers of the Future” yesterday raised the level, urgency and sheer importance of investigative sessions such as Healing Fractures II.






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