Cooperate Be Literate Live!

Happy New Year: This Thursday, the first lesson plan hatched by the Cooperate Be Literate project will be presented to delegates at the ASE Annual Conference 2016 at the University of Birmingham.

Ben and I have been busy over Christmas writing up the lesson plan and preparing our science reading lessons. We’ve written the first chapters of our book on how to teach science students to read using cooperative learning techniques.

We’ve trialled the lesson with learners from year 5 to adults. Seems it is a very enjoyable way of embedding the skills needed to read scientific texts effectively.

ASE Conference invite


And reading is such an important skill. Only 20% of the science and engineering professionals Ben asked over the summer said that they were taught to read technical texts at school. A staggering number.

Our lesson is great and we’ve got an exciting presentation to deliver. We hope to see you there.

Our session is on Thursday at 15.00 – 16.00. Looking forward to seeing you. As final evidence of the content void nature of Cooperative Learning, the same activity which a few weeks ago facilitated higher level thinking and communicative skills when debating toxic subjects in the soft context of RE/RS, Citizenship and SMSC, now promotes literacy in your next Science lesson.


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