Charlie Hebdo & Islam; effectively handling controversy and FBV

In response to January’s dark anniversary, the Association of Muslims Schools presents a unique Cooperative Learning course to teachers in Walsall primary and secondary schools.

Following the development of 21st century British Muslim, I have created this twilight course for the AMS to provide delegates with a transferable lesson plan to handle ISIS, terrorism, homophobia and similar difficult issues in relation to Islam for KS5-11.Especially state schools with many Muslim pupils may find some of these subjects difficult to approach.

To demonstrate, unedited, antagonistic media materials on the Charlie Hebdo attacks are used to facilitate an authentic debate on respect for religion vs. freedom of speech without alienating certain students, yet without skipping over painful or difficult questions.

Book now on:


Through tightly organised enquiry, the lesson template will help your school meet statutory requirements, including safeguarding, actively promoting British Values, community cohesion, and SMSC.

Please note connection to following post on Cooperative Learning & Pupil Premium EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit; a Cooperative Learning gloss

16 December 2015, 4.30 – 6.30 pm @Abu Bakr Boys School.
For more details or to book your seats, please visit Eventbrite now, where you will also find links to the flyer.

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