New Video: Vice Principal, 10 weeks into the Skills & Mastery programme

In this short video, Ben Rogers, Vice Principal, discusses Norwich Primary Academy’s experience with Skills & Mastery.

Norwich Primary Academy, situated in one of the most socially challenged areas of the city, is now using Cooperative Learning to develop key human skills; resilience, mental toughness, sense of duty, service to others – without compromising academic performance.

Their first two hour inset was reinforced by a one hour optional add-on to support lesson plan integration. 

Ben rogers, NPA, video interview
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The first inset took place on 3 September 2015, and this interview was conducted only 10 weeks later, after the second session. So far, the school has also invested in 6 hours of individual coaching to selected teachers. Please see this video with Ms Shane Horne, a Year 3 teacher.

The video covers a wide range of topics: why this challenged school adopted Cooperative Learning in the first place, experiences of teachers and management working directly with myself, children’s responses, adapting Cooperative Learning to lesson plans and materials, social skills and behaviors for learning.

Importantly, one of the important benefits of Cooperative Learning is that it strengthens the usefulness of much previous CPD investment, rather than replacing it. At the end of the interview, Mr Rogers discusses integrating Cooperative Learning with NPA’s current strategies.

Please visit the full NPA video library for more pictures and videos.

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