Cooperative Learning; a model lesson across all subjects

More videos are up from the parent meeting. Please visit the dedicated video library now.

Stalham Academy is an early adopter of Cooperative Learning, and was the first to purchase the best-selling Skills & Mastery course.  In this video, Andrew Howard presents a model lesson –  in one of the first examples where Cooperative Learning is used to not only inform parents, but to secure their full engagement.

Given their stunning results, this former special measures primary is worth paying attention to for other clients who are looking to maximise their CPD investment. Watch this brief video on how Cooperative Learning is deployed in lessons across subjects.

This lesson reflect the schools’ best-practice experience, secures an ideal mix of group and individual work, saves teachers mental planning and provides children with a repeated, recognisable format.

CLIPs are picked as appropriate from the nine provided in the Skills & Mastery course. Each of these CLIPs are carefully picked to cover a fan of needs, whether the objective is…

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