Cooperative Learning; (an) engaging business

I have pointed out in the about section that Cooperative Learning can be used  “Everywhere you find a group of people, including classrooms, study groups, even teacher-parent knees-ups….”

Here is the evidence from Mr Khalid Mair, a London businessman and experienced coach with a longstanding commitment to community building. In these comments on Healing Fractures II – Beyond Birmingham, which took place during Islam Awareness Week on March 17, 2015, he outlines the effect of Cooperative Learning on adults handling and solving controversy.

Watch the video.

K Mair video

“The creative solutions that came out as a product of that process were very illuminating”

“…ensured full commitment from
all participants”

– K. Mair, business coach
Islamic Awareness Week, Norwich, March 17, 2015

More pictures and videos from and about the event at the full gallery.

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