“Healing Fractures II – Beyond Birmingham?” #1 – video introduction

The first video from the educators’ workshop Healing Fractures II – Beyond Birmingham? during Islam Awareness Week 2015 now online.


Opens video in new window.

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“Healing Fractures II” video library here. Also see more on the Mona Siddiqui anecdote:

Learning Wisely – Living Virtuously: From the mountain to the valley


A post on the day’s outline to come up later. Get notifications of related posts on twitter.

The workshop enquired into various themes, including:

  • systemic issues and the purpose of ‘modern’ education in secular post-modernity
  • community building boundaries; Birmingham, et al.
  • the new role of religion and Religious Education:  SMSC, PHSE, Citizenship & British values
  • student-centred paradigms; renegotiated power relationships or egotism?
  • social constructivism as a democratic skill set; British values as an example
  • beyond now; P4C, the Trivium and the Islamic connection in English educational history
  • Islam and Muslim alternative education; problem for whom or solution to what?
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