eCL#4: Questions about Islam; a ready-to-use 37-card set

Of general interest to any RE teacher in KS2+ dealing with Islam, and especially to attendees at the CPD course Islam in RE: Religious Literacy & Controversy Through Enquiry and the Ihsan Mosque Enquiry & Immersion field trips, now finally available to primary schools after the Islam Awareness Week pilot. 

The latest edition of newsletter,  eCL,  is a 37 card class set of Questions about Islam designed to activate schemata and generate subject interest when teaching  Islam in RE. Also useful throughout and after a lesson or series of lessons to check understanding in relation to assessment and next steps.

The questions cover a range of areas relating to specific LOs such as religious rules and festivals; others facilitate thinking about oneself, life and religion in general. The set may be used in any way, but was originally designed for the Cooperative Learning Interaction Pattern called Catch-1-Partner.

Catch-1-Partner gets the most timid students engaged as pupils mingle and answer questions from various partners; excellent for sharing thoughts and ideas, or to retain or explain knowledge and thinking.

Download the Catch-1-Partner : Questions about Islam card set from the resource page.

Also see Catch1Partner instruction video on Potential realised? Celebrating Ofsted Report’s 1st Birthday…

Enquiry & Immersion

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