All in the (Islamic Awareness) Week’s work

Next week will see a breakdown of each of the these educational events for the benefit of attendees and third parties.

In summary:

Monday 16 March: Healing Fractures II” Educators’ Workshop 

Beyond Birmingham? Through shared insights of seasoned Muslim alternative educators, RE teachers, researchers and representatives from statutory bodies, this full-day ‘knowledge café’ aimed to let Muslim and non-Muslims collaboratively re-discover a possible future role of schools in relation to identity and community. Everybody present but Ofsted and DfE.

Thank for this and a most thought-provoking

and well-organised day.” 

Isabel Farrelly, Equality and Diversity Officer, Norfolk


Where is Sir Michael when you need him?

Tuesday 17 March: Islam in RE: Religious Literacy & Controversy Through Enquiry full day CPD

on religious literacy, guided enquiry into controversial topics and related issues of SMSC, PSHE, and Citizenship. Attendees: Charlie Hebdo reflections,  lesson plan in pdf and sample materials are found here: Charlie’s Angels or Sympathy for the Devils? 

“I have truly enjoyed this approach and it has reminded me of why I enjoy enquiry based learning. It was great to be challenged at an adult level, not to be talked down to as a child.”

– Cecilia Basnett, Bignold Primary


Wednesday 18 & Thursday 19 March: “Enquiry and Immersion”

Full-Day Field Trip to Ihsan Mosque presents these new trips developed for primary schools.

Best quote:

“I’d give my life’s savings to eat here every day”

– Year 6 Pupil, 18 March, 2015.

Though very different events, all shared a common theme for me. How much does one control as facilitator, and how does one become one with the flow?  Stay tuned on twitter.

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