NQT on adopting Cooperative Learning; PSHE, peer support, social skills… and “why people are so upset about race?”

Ms Rebecca Lamb, an NQT in Year 6 at Stalham Academy, describing some of her experiences adopting CLIPs (Cooperative Learning Interaction Patterns) from the Skills & Mastery course, including collaborative reading, Write-Rounds and Think-Pair-Share to stage reading, writing and collaborative reflections…


Rebecca Lamb

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“The guided reading session … was one of the highlights of my teaching career so far… because actually getting them to look at the bigger picture … getting them to link history, getting them to look at why people are so upset about race, and they were able to do that collaboratively, it was fantastic.”


More videos from Stalham Academy’s head and deputy head on Ofsted, attainment, whole school approach …

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