Skills & Mastery at Norfolk academy; interviews on CL & Ofsted, accountability, Sutton Trust…

Interviews with Stalham Academy’s acting head Mr Andrew Howard and deputy head Ms Deborah Gillespie on the adoption of Cooperative Learning.

Werdelin Education has provided 2 of the three 2 hour blocks of the Skills & Mastery CL course to the Academy’s teachers; the interviews with Mr Howard were conducted after the first session on 24 September, the interviews with Ms Gillespie a week after the second session 3 December 2014, i.e.all results were achieved in less than 3 months, most with two hours of CPD.

Include discussions on Cooperative Learning in relation to Ofsted, attainment, as a whole school approach, and comments on the Sutton Trust report on Pupil Premium and collaborative learning.

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