Enquiry and Immersion: Full-Day Field Trip to Ihsan Mosque, November 13


– a unique cross cultural meeting for all secondary RE students in Norfolk

I have been advocating Cooperative Learning as a tool to facilitate collaboration between schools and faith communities for some time, and have now partnered with Ihsan Mosque in Norwich to stage a unique cross cultural meeting for all secondary RE students in Norfolk, the first to take place on Thursday 13 November 2014.

For this first event, I am working closely with RE/humanities coordinators of Acle Academy to receive a number of Gifted & Talented students for this trail run. We have around 15 places available for the day’s event, available on a first come, first served basis (Contact).

Setting the stage: Religious literacy through enquiry

In the morning students will be presented with an enquiry exercise expanding their understanding of Islam in a guided student-centered session where students collaborate to understand and correlate a wide variety of unique materials. The literacy component will be integrated…

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