21c British Muslim: The solution?

– a 3 hour Interactive Seminar, London, August 29, 2014 *

This seminar for teachers working with Muslim pupils in Primary and Secondary is a unique chance to assess key elements of Werdelin Education’s new flagship course, 21c British Muslim: The solution? to be rolled out nationally over the coming academic year. This upcoming full day CPD course is a logical extension of our successful Islam in RE: Religious Literacy & Controversy through Enquiry CPD course, first trialed at the University of East Anglia and presented by Dr Mike Diboll of the Institute of Education.

The August seminar presents Cooperative Learning as the tool to effectively facilitate authentic identity and community bridge building for Muslims in 21st Century  Britain through enquiry-based learning.  Participants will discover best practice rationales and be provided with CPD materials that will only be made available to the rest of the country from October.

“…scalable, encourages team building and mastery of knowledge easily.”

– Ehsan Choudhury, English History and Computing/ICT teacher, Manara Academy, Leicester CL Primer, 17 July 2014

In fact, 21c British Muslim: The solution? is nothing short of a manifestation of the ideas presented in my talk “The Student/Centred Classroom & the Self-Centred Student” at the British Association for Islamic Studies at Edinburgh University in April. Attendees at my previous seminar at June’s Islamic Education Conference in London will also recognize the red thread: that, as members of the biggest and most visual religious/ethnic group in this country, Muslim educators need to pick up the gauntlet and take part in addressing cohesion issues of multicultural society.

The full 21c British Muslim: The Solution?  is to be taught in 3 modules.


Primary objectives of Module A (Cross-cultural literacy):

  1. provide teachers with tools to achieve historical/cultural/social literacy through enquiry
  2. present relevant high level materials on contributions to British and Western society of the Islamic World
  3. demonstrate a series of fully transferable and scalable enquiry exercises into the above and of British and Western contributions to the lives of modern Muslims.


Primary objectives of Module B (Current and future British Muslim identity):

  1. demonstrate a series of fully transferable and scalable enquiry exercises into Muslim identity in 21st century Britain based on acquired historical and cultural literacy
  2. manage safe enquiry into controversial areas of  negative Muslim stereotyping, such as gender issues, jihad, sharia law  and the effects of  Eastern Cultural differences.


Primary Objectives of Module C (21c Skills & Cooperative Learning):

  1. What are  21st century skills?
  2. How are 21st century skills implemented in social, business and academic arenas?
  3. How and when should these skills be taught; managing enquiry through Cooperative Learning.


“…a brilliant opportunity to showcase the amazing philosophy of education and bring it into the present.”

– Ms. Fozia Reddy, Headteacher, Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation, London

Healing Fractures, Islamic Awareness Week, Norwich, March 17, 2014

Secondary objectives

As the seminar progresses participants share reflections on method and content; on the role and impact of citizenship and SMSC in schools and society at large; the role of Muslims in historical and contemporary society; and the role of the teacher in enquiry-based learning.

Please contact Sasha Walters by mailing courses@werdelin.co.uk to book your place.

* The seminar takes place at:
Harrow Primary School, 80/82 Gayton Road, Harrow HA1 2LS
October 29, 2014 9.00-12.30
Price: £40
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“ In terms of globalisation there is a lot one can learn from this seminar.”

– Conleth  Buckley, teacher & trainer, British Council

Healing Fractures, Islamic Awareness Week, Norwich, March 17, 2014

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