Institute of Education, London: “Islam in RE: Religious Literacy and Controversy through Enquiry”

Missed the Norwich Pilot? Our new course is now available at the Institute of Education, London: full day, 22 July, 2014, Institute of Education, London.

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“Islam in RE: Religious Litteracy and Controversy through Enquiry” is a teaching program for all educators and researchers interested in Islam and in the future role of Religious Education in relation to SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education) at Primary and Secondary level as well as tertiary practitioners in RE and related Humanities subject areas.


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lille pdf

As always, the Cooperative Learning techniques demonstrated can be utilised immediately with no change to materials or lesson plans and are transferable to other religions and topics.

“…thanks for next year’s lesson plan.”

– D. Clark, Wayland Academy, Norfolk,  
“Islam in RE: Religious Litteracy and Controversy through Enquiry” 
University of East Anglia, June 26, 2014.

Islam in RE: Religious Literacy & Controversy through Enquiry facilitates the best practice outlined in Ofsted’s RE report Realising the Potential and gives each teacher the confidence to teach the Islamic component of the Religious Education in English schools: Non‑statutory Guidance 2010 in depth.

Due to the nature of the content this course is open to the tertiary sector for networking, research and collaborative purposes; members of Ofsted, SACREs, exam boards and Department of Education shall also be represented. Anyone from the above group must secure their place immediately by mailing me directly at

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