Islam in RE: Religious Literacy & Enquiry through Controversy

A warm thank you to all participants at yesterday’s pilot course at the at the University of East Anglia; for their engagement, positive attitude and sheer eagerness to learn. Also a special thanks to the staff at the UEA for their help.

If ideal Cooperative Learning teams are heterogeneous, we could not have asked for more; aside from RE teachers and PGCE students,  we had representatives from London’s Institute of Education, School of Education of East Anglia University and Faculty of Education of Cambridge University, as well as Norfolk SACRE and County Council members.

Dr Diboll, UEA

Dr Mike Diboll, Institute of Education, rounding off…

This was a very taxing course, fast-paced, with dense materials and multiple lesson aims running in parallel.  A lot of valuable information was gathered which I aim to share in upcoming posts, as well as making a number of resources  used in the course available to participants.

If this quote is in any way indicative of experiences, we are definitively onto something:

“…this was fantastic, eye-opening and very visceral”

– Matthew Vince, PGCE student at the University of Exeter

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