21st Century Skills;  delivered by Cooperative Learning since the 1930s

The term 21st Century Skills refers to a broad set of knowledge, skills, work habits, even character traits, that are believed — by educators, school reformers, college professors, employers, and others — to be critically important to success in today’s world.*

While the definitions are fluid, the cornerstone is the drive to independently and collaboratively discover, critically process and share complex information and ask imaginative questions leading to novel solutions.

The highly controlled social constructivism afforded by Cooperative Learning facilitates this in a natural way.

Thus, these core skills have been the remit of Cooperative Learning since the 1930s when Allport, Watson, Shaw and Mead began establishing it as a theory after finding that group work was more effective and efficient in quantity, quality, and overall productivity than working alone.*

Reinventing the wheel? Or just attaching it to a Formula 1 engine?

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** from “The Glossary of Education Reform”

** from wikipedia


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