Redesigning schooling; Quotes from National Teacher Enquiry Network

The Teacher Development Trust’s National Teacher Enquiry Network and  teamed  ResearchED; talks and workshops about teacher and education research.

Sue Williamson

From  Sue Williamson, CEO, SSAT

“…no secretary of state would ever tell the medical profession what to do (…) but people seem to be able to tell us as teachers what to do…”

“… in everything, collaboration is the key (…) there’s a lot of transparency, if we are going to transform our system, we’ve got to have students as leaders in schools and co-constructors, must be active participants, we’ve got schools as researchers, we have students in governing bodies, we have students who help plan projects… “

“… some things a non-negotiable and a part of that should be the expectation to student when they complete school (…) should be what is right for that youngster, the wider things of what they should achieve, as problem-solvers, thinkers, innovators…” 

Sue Williamson, EO, SSAT (@SWilliamson_CEO)

Martin Robinson

From Martin Robinson to whom I have referred before on several occasions.  (The truth is that the entire presentation is actually a quote. Picking anything out is like presenting the amputated finger and saying “behold the man!”, so I just picked a random one …)

“Research the question before you tell us what the answer is…”

Someone mentioned on twitter related to the UEA RE conference Alan Brine’s challenge to “question the answer” – but Robinson is roving that plane above the plane here, just under Lawson the Heideggerian Don’t question the answer, question the question… (see P4C? No, P4U)

I have mentioned his Destructive Why before, without properly ascribing it to the author, who was a great inspiration for the nihilism aspect of the workshop framework.  His book 21c Trivium is MUST READ. I have already outlined why his book is a remedy for all society’s ills in What comes out of the Birmingham “Trojan Horse”?

Martin Robinson, Author, speaker tweeting at @surrealanarchy. Follow.

Martin Robinson

Forget qoutes, listen at


The Teacher Development Trust’s National Teacher Enquiry Network has teamed up with ResearchED to bring you a fantastic day of talks and workshops about teacher and education research. Hosted at the renowned Huntington School this event includes expert high-profile speakers, practical examples of teacher-research engagement, debates and policy discussion – a day not to be missed!

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