P4C? No, P4U!

Of relevance to participants in the UEA Realising Potential Religious Education conference, this comment on Lawsons talk on Heidegger and the ‘Quest’ inherent in ‘Questioning’ is hereby reblogged.

“…all great truths must first be constantly renewed by bringing them into the place where they emerge into being for the first time, that is, in response to a deeply felt sense of questioning, the piety of thought. Second-hand truths may be useful, but they are not what make us who we are. This is something many school pupils feel very deeply.”


Notes from BRAIS conference, University of Edinburgh 10-11 April 2014 Panel 5: Education: Theory and Method:

Ibrahim Lawson (Institute of Eduction, London): Questioning builds a way: Heidegger, Islam and education

In my own presentation I point out the connection between the two preceding talks and my theme of schools teaching tools for authentic identity formation through the organised social constructivism of Cooperative Learning.

I want to begin this series of BRAIS posts here, as this talk is best likened to a nuclear submarine roving the dark ocean depths, with all other presentations –  for all their merit –  being mere air balloons above those deceivingly calm waters, blown hither and dither by the winds of postmodern self-referencing.


This is not mere poetic license. Ibrahim Lawson brings a unique set of experiences and skills to the table:  He has read  philosophy and linguistics at University of East Anglia, did his PGCE at Cambridge, has MA’s in Action Research and Theology and has…

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