Transcript of “The Student- Centred Classroom & The Self-Centred Student…”

PDF of now available for safe download or online viewing. (Contains original material not included in the recording available at Listen to the recording instead).

The Student-Centred Classroom
& the Self-Centred Student
– challenges and opportunities of Cooperative Learning
for Muslim learners

by Jakob Werdelin

Paper presented at the British Research Association of Islamic Studies’ inaugural conference Edinburgh University, 11 April 2014.

Of interest to educators, community builders and researchers with and interest in Muslim minority schools, RE, P4C, the role of government and business in identity formation…


lille pdf


Summing up, we propose fusing the latest of potentially “poisonous” western radical didactics with our heritage of rational questioning which forms the basis of Kalam to use guided discovery to uncover ontological and epistemological questions. Give students, Muslims and non-Muslims, a real stake in their identity formation (…)

And very interestingly, Muslims will thereby in fact bring the English back to their own heritage of the Trivium. The Muslims have a true contribution to make here, working alongside people such as Martin Robinson, the author of the recent book “Trivium 21c: Preparing young people for the future with lessons from the past” which is already pointing the way.


21C skills partnership

 Business partners in the Partnership for 21 Century Skills. Do they look familiar?

(From the OECD’s 21st Century Skills: How can you prepare students for the new Global Economy? referred to in the text)




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