BRAIS breakdown: Index of upcoming posts

Thanks for the huge number of hits on the preceding article. The following is a list of some of the other sessions I attended at the BRAIS conference and hope to be able to present here. Not all will get their own post, but all contain pertinent points which are worth exploring. Comments or wishes are most welcome.

Also coming up is the transcript of my own talk “The Student-Centred Classroom & the Self-Centred Student” to be made available here and on and the MFAS homepage.

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Posts in the pipeline

(Titles do not necessarily appear in order of publication)

Matthew Vince (University of Exeter) Expressing Islam within a Christian-centric education system: lessons from a young British Muslim RE teacher

on identity) identity formation, and the future role of religious education- and of  the crucial role of Cooperative Learning in that role.


Mohammed Elshimi (University of Exeter) Identity, Citizenship, and Security: What is Deradicalisation?

on authentic VS. inauthentic identity formation as discussed in my talk and on the negative fallout of insisting on not giving individuals tools with which to assess identities on offer -and where the organized social constructivism of Cooperative Learning fits in.


Panel 3


Shamim Miah (University of Huddersfield) Muslims, Asabiyya and the Question of Integration

on community cohesion, extending cooperation outside the confines of the classroom through authentic identity formation.


Tania Saeed (University of Oxford) Beyond the ‘vulnerable’: Islamic societies and Muslim student activism in English universities
Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor (University of Derby) Young Muslims, Islam and Modern Britain – Hyphenated British-Muslim Identities

on using guided discovery to help students against stereotyping, racism and phobias through transcultural workshops in institutions of education.


Asmaa Soliman (University College London) Young Muslims in Germany and their Visibility in New Media – Emerging Counterpublics
Des Delaney (Dublin City University) Perceptions of Mis/Recognition: The Experience of Sunni Muslims in Dublin, Ireland
Nasar Meer (University of Northumbria) Semantics, scales and solidarities in the study of Islamophobia in Europe
Masoumeh Velayati (Al-Maktoum College, Dundee) Formation of Religious Identity among Muslim Women in the UK
Anna Piela (Leeds Trinity University) For the love of God: British niqabis’ religious and social identities
Mark Gould (Haverford College, Philadelphia) Double Consciousness: Full Inclusion for the Muslim American!  

on providing students with shields and weapons in the battle of the meaning of words – and the consequence of a lack thereof.


Farid Panjwani (Centre for Research and Evaluation in Muslim Education, Institute of Education, London) Faith schools and religious diversity: The case of Muslim schools
Nader Al-Refai (Yarmouk University, Jordan) Reforming Islamic Education in Britain: A Study of Six Muslim Secondary Schools

on the role of Cooperative Learning in Muslim schools in the UK.



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