The Order of Things #3

Breaking thinking patterns

However, to guide students out of the dialectic of old-school caning vs. radical Summerhill I followed a class vote on which positive skills (including being well-read, inspiring, having oratory skills, critical thinking and caring about one’s community) with the infamous immigrant rant from American History X to contextualize and block knee-jerk reactions to the question “should we be critical of SCL and alloting the student a say in the learning process? Why? If we are, do we want to go back to this authoritarian system?”

The processing in the groups at each stage allowed a narrative to form which lead towards the second stage of the workshop, and it’s point, “the potential application of the vast heritage of Islam’s holistic educational philosophy in solving the current crisis in UK education.”

a presentation of a childhood experience described in a previous post and

they had also gotten a critical take on so-called radical student-centred learning where the child is empowered, but with no functional guidelines by which to employ them. It’s hard to argue that the young Nazi is not

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