Healing Fractures – Educators’ Workshop in Norwich

Briefly, the workshop Healing fractures – the current crisis through the prism of 1400 years of educational experience is for the many educators concerned with students as a whole human beings.

We share insights gathered through research and experience of British Muslim alternative educators on the potential positive application of the vast heritage of Islam’s holistic educational philosophy in solving the current national crisis in education.

The workshop is staged by myself as a discovery exercise to give participants a practical taste of the effectiveness of well-structured student centred learning as a means to discuss problems, uncover alternative solutions and organise knowledge sharing.

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Not only does the workshop present a novel take on using student-centred learning to re-frame narratives for children struggling with meaning and identity in our post-modern ethos, Muslim and non-Muslims, but also presents a unique networking opportunity.

We have just landed Dr. Ibrahim Lawson as our keynote speaker, a quite unique Muslim Educator, founder of CREME (Centre for Research and Evaluation in Muslim Education) at the Institute of Education at London University and currently working on a PHD on Heidegger and Islam, no less. We also have the former head of Norwich Academy, a pre-free school initiative islamic education venture her in Norwich, coming to share live experiences, as well as the Dean of Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies.

Spread the (good) word

As you can imagine we depend entirely on people’s goodwill for promotion via their networks and we are hoping that you would be ready to support us by promoting us in your professional network. If you can think of any people in your extended network, whether heads looking for a take on effective student-centred learning, RE teachers, researchers, etc …

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