Convincing your Head to think about Cooperative Learning #1

To many, Cooperative Learning just seems too good to be true. Although research documenting the effectiveness of CL is extremely copious, I’ve therefore spent some time looking for a well-organised, well-documented and concise summary that can be used to present the case.

This short paper contains the material practical-minded head teacher or colleague would be looking for when vetting a new teaching method for implementation. It was written in 2002 for the US-based IDEA Center – “a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve colleges and universities committed to improving learning, teaching, and leadership performance”, but is fully applicable to primary and secondary education elsewhere. 

PDF: Idea paper – Enhancing Learning — and More! — Through Cooperative Learning



Some catchy headline titles include: The Premises Underlying Cooperative Learning, Theory and Research, Effective Cooperative Learning Experiences and Conducting the Cooperative Classroom, from which the following quote has been taken:

Much of the well-intentioned literature on higher education 
reform tends to be theoretical and exhortative: ‘‘Use active 
learning techniques;’’ ‘‘Be responsive in the classroom;’’ 
‘‘Promote respect for diversity;’’ “Foster critical thinking.” 
Too often such challenges leave faculty with a sense of 
schizophrenic overload, feeling almost like an early Picasso 
with eyes, ears, and mouth — to say nothing of brain! —
permanently askew. How can they respond simultaneously 
and responsibly to these multiple demands? Inserting 
new elements into existing courses without a clear sense 
of purpose, commitment, or competence can result 
in a half-hearted ‘‘Band-Aid’’ approach. 

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You might be able to guess her solution for it, though, and, hopefully, so will your Head.


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  1. Thank you for an excellent resource. I’m pushing my own school in this direction, but I need an even more concise pitch list that can really be skimmed in 2 minutes. Do you have a link?


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