Were you down with werdelin.co.uk?

Sorry about the downtime – there have been more technical issues than time.

But now, after having moved this blog with information on Cooperative Learning from werdelin.co.uk,  we are now up at  a more suitable address (such as, well, cooperativelearning.works.)

My apologies to those who have hit the no access sign, especially to Ms. McLaughlin in the USA, my first ping. (It’s not clear why Cooperative Learning seems more widespread than in Europe, but it is something I plan to look into when I get the time, please pay a visit to her site on CL at  to find out).

For now I am happy to present my first downloadable publication, July’s edition of the eCL which I hope will be a benefit to teachers looking to implement or improve CL in their classrooms. These publications aim to be standalone, useful product sheets aimed at giving practical information which sums up some of the experience gained in seven years of intense use of cooperative learning.

Though garnered at primary and mid-secondary level TESOL, I have used these methods on adults on multiple occasions, and they really are suitable for anyone fitting the descriptions at C? – including university level professors who want to shake things up a bit (assuming they exist).

This month’s topic is CL activities at class level, as opposed to pairs or teams – i.e. to get all the students off their chairs and engaged in discussions, problem solving, reading and reviewing – as well as in rote learning –  with a number of peers they might not usually talk to. Tips and tricks on how to manage who pairs with whom, observation techniques, class control and pros and cons of different content are also outlined, as well as some solutions to possible issues are included.

You will also find a mindmap in there with really provides the best overview, if you look at nothing else, look at that. By following each branch of the map, different scenarios open up in an orderly fashion.

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